Sunday School starts again Sept. 8. 

We would love YOU to be part of the team.  If you love Jesus, enjoy working with kids, feel the importance of sharing who Jesus is, come talk to Lindsay Enns or Heather Enns.  We would love to discuss where we can find a good fit for you in the S.S. Program.

Age 2/3  Teachers:  Tamara Wall and Lisa Paetkau

Age 4/5 Teachers:  Terri Dyck and Kelly Morissette    Helper:  Kelli Wiebe 

Grade 1 /2 Teachers: _____________, ______________

Grade 3 Teachers:     _____________, ______________

Grade 4/5 Teachers: _____________, ______________

Grade 6-8 Teachers:  Scott Isaak and Missi Schmidt

Grade 9-12 Teachers: Scott Isaak and Missi Schmidt

*Grade 6-8 and Grade 9-12 will be joining together for the teaching portion  and will be breaking into age groups for small group discussions led by:  Christine Wolf, Kendal Enns and Ken Froese.*

Singing Age 2-5: __________________

Group Worship Leader Grade 1-5:  Jill Klassen

Substitute Teachers: _____________, ______________, ______________

One on One Helper Grade 1: ______________

Adult S.S. Class:  Rob Penner