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Sermons will be posted every Sunday at 10am on our YouTube channel, which will include community updates and prayer requests. If you have something to be included in those, please email us at To respect the privacy of submitted prayer requests, the prayer items page requires login information to access. Contact the ECMB office for access. 

Sermon Questions

Questions to go Deeper - Week 2: A Constant Pattern
  1. What is something you do in a consistent way, either consciously or sub-consciously?
  2. What does your pattern of prayer look like?
  3. Read Psalm 34 & describe David’s current situation.  What can you thank God for even right now?
  4. Daniel prayed for God's help, but not necessarily for God to save Him.  How are these different?
  5. What is something you can start doing to develop a pattern of prayer?

Keeping Informed

At this point there are 4 great ways to stay informed of what is happening at Elm Creek MB Church. You've already found the main hub, which is this website. You can also find updates on Facebook and Instagram. The final way is to contact the church office at or 204.436.2290. Get in touch if you need someone to talk to, prayer, or help in some other way.

Church Name change

We here at ECMB are planning to change our name! As part of that process we are inviting your ideas, which you can submit using the button below.
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Welcome Home

We don't care where you're from, how you're dressed, or what's
in your past. We're a church full of imperfect people, and we're
saving a seat for you.


Our Mission

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There's something for everyone


Sunday School is a fantastic opportunity for children to explore the truths of Scripture in an easy to understand way. Your children will love spending one hour a week with other kids their age.


Young people rocket through their teenage years. Students at ECMB's youth programs will experience relationships with positive leaders and peers, new insight from Scripture and a growing environment.


Step into a learning environment at Sunday School. Enjoy good company and real conversation at a men's breakfast. Show up for authentic and joyful evenings with women just like you.


Join us each month for a great time of connecting conversation.